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So who is the strongest character/being in the Persona series? *Spoilers* (Archived)
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I think I stumbled into the True Ending Accidentally (Massive Spoilers) (Archived)bigt322492/18/2013
No reward for maxing all links in one play-through? (Archived)bj91x72/18/2013
some good persona to get? lv 90 1st (Archived)Tom320199032/18/2013
So once I max an S.Link... (Archived)BizzyBum62/18/2013
Am I underlevelled for this boss? *spoiler* (Archived)
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Sailor Goon132/18/2013
Making My First Yoshi (Archived)WraithGirl52/18/2013
Just finished p4g what now? (Archived)
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So if marie? (Archived)Lavitas942/18/2013
It wasn't real! (Archived)
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Question about a trick for HRF trophy (Archived)DB-RB42/18/2013
Would a female P4 MC have been able to woo Edward Elric *Possible Spoilers* (Archived)
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Vote for ur favorite Drag (Poll)ethsfan62/18/2013
Would you buy a Naoto Detective Spinoff game similar to Metal Gear Rising? (Poll)
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Explanation of why X person is Y arcana S.Link? (Archived)TowerBooks319262/18/2013
Vote for your favorite PERSONA of the 'DEATH' ARCANUM (XIII) (Poll)Exa_Man102/18/2013
Your favorite costume from p3/4 ever (Archived)pwivitabox360ic42/18/2013
If a full S.link ask you to hang out at lunch.... (Archived)TowerBooks319272/17/2013
moderate bookkeeper trophy? (50% compendium complete) (Archived)axtmoerder22/17/2013
did anybody else (Archived)
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