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Those of you who were lucky enough not to have the killer spoiled *spoilers* (Archived)
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What would your Arcana card be based on your personality? (Archived)
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The Reeeeaper. (Archived)
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What are the exact dates for these scenes! Maybe spoilers* (Archived)JRPG41/21/2013
maria's SL*spoilers, maybe* (Archived)
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4 Trophies. Thanks KADFC *spoilers* (Archived)CrimsonSuzaku1331/20/2013
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does lv 10 skill card shufle apear more often on red monsters? final dungeon (Archived)thu345631/20/2013
What girls did you GF and on your first playthrough? (Archived)
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Margaret (Archived)Enneagramm51/20/2013
most annoying character? (Archived)
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Wow. I just got HRF on the last possible navigation line in the story. spoilers (Archived)Omega_Zero_XP31/20/2013
Question about the Shadows *spoilers* (Archived)cheatermaster31/20/2013
How fast would L solve the case in this game? ***spoilers*** (Archived)
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I'm tired of moving! Enough of getting up! (Archived)
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What should I be doing in the story right now? :( (Archived)DarkOceanNights71/20/2013
So I successfully made a persona resistant to all elements... (Archived)ArgentumVir51/20/2013