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Why does Mitsuru get free pass in Persona 3? (Archived)
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Everyone who makes a p5 topic should take it to the./P4 real talk (spoilers) (Archived)darker9581/19/2013
Persona / SMT MOBA game (Terribad Idea?) SPOILERS (Poll)Klyern71/19/2013
Is Strength social link available in January? (Archived)LilFunnyCat31/19/2013
golden ending Weird thing major spoilers (Archived)darker9511/19/2013
Equipment Q, Omega Drive or Maneki Neko? (Archived)KTRB21/19/2013
So, is the Golden Ending... (spoilers, obviously) (Archived)LightOfJudgment71/19/2013
Chie's voice. (Archived)
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They should've just let you acquire Beast Eye later on in the game. (Archived)Chagen4621/19/2013
The Fox (Archived)ChibiDeidara41/19/2013
Holy cow, the reaper (Archived)
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Persona 4 Anime is so misleading and confusing. (Spoilers) (Archived)DB-RB21/19/2013
All out attacks, risette? (Archived)llf0CuSll81/19/2013
Do you think Persona 5 should take place in America? (Archived)
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Fox costumes... (Archived)
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3RD Tier personas, your reaction? (Spoilers) (Archived)Klyern101/19/2013
Your Own Case (Poll)
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OMG! Team wiped out with one shot by a shadow with chains when farming... (Archived)xixihaha81/19/2013
Does the FILL YOUR HAND trophy carry over to NG+? (Archived)chips_52881/19/2013
Can you shoot yourself in the head in this game? (Archived)
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