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So let me get this straight! Inside the Velvet Room, you can .................. (Archived)
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Just had the weirdest dream about this game last night, where ............... (Archived)Exa_Man21/30/2013
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Persona 4 Golden for Wii U or 3DS? (Archived)Emerald_Melios101/30/2013
How hard is it to max all s links on new game +? (Archived)blackxwhite51/30/2013
Chie's new voice >>>>>>>>>>> Her old voice. (Archived)
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If Adachi wasn't in this game and the primary focus of the 'Hunger' S. Link,.... (Archived)Exa_Man31/30/2013
Should I bother with P1, P2: IS, and P3P? (Archived)
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Just heard Chies voice actor in p4g (Archived)
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Is Quest 2 bugged? (Archived)Happynoodleboy431/30/2013
Basketbal or Soccer? (Poll)
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Nanako = TV Addict? (Archived)araxen91/30/2013
Yukiko's dance in the opening. (Archived)
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About the fusion list. (Archived)rd_merilo31/30/2013
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Do people don't like both of Chie's old and new voices? (Archived)
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The bad ending should have ...*Spoilers* (Archived)
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