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If you were a persona user, what would your 3 - 6 main Personas likely be? (Archived)
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Persona 4 Golden Opening Teddie Parody (Archived)
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So I've heard that Naoto is useful for bosses now *spoilers?* (Archived)
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How do I fight the secret boss? *posible spoilers?* (Archived)
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I have every persona in the compendium. Its pointless for any s links now right? (Archived)AzurexNightmare912/20/2012
As much as I like the Void Quest dungeon, I rly don't like the music ugh... (Archived)GoldPhalanx712/20/2012
Damn the skin looks cool but I will have to remove it some day... (Archived)AzurexNightmare312/20/2012
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Just got one of the non-true endings. should I wait for NG+ for the true one? (Archived)
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Best qoute said by a character ! Day 7 : Rise Kujikawa(line spoilers) (Archived)
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Christmas New Years Poll (Poll)
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