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I plan to play Persona 2 now (Archived)TropicalBlast112/25/2012
Tam Lin vs Thor? (Archived)
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Now that Ive finished P4G, I have to say... (Archived)
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Battle of the Babes NG+ Semifinals: Yukiko vs. Chie (Poll)
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Void Quest = Minecraft (Archived)MillionGunmannn112/25/2012
So I just got to the part with Hanako *minor spoiler* (Archived)Mcnugget2256612/25/2012
can you assign personas to another character? (Archived)steevo_669612/25/2012
I hate how your persona's stat boosts don't carry over like in P3P (Archived)Zembaphobia112/25/2012
Never played the series before, worth it for christmas (Archived)
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Fusion attacks how do i make them happen more? (Archived)darker95412/25/2012
Auto-leveling trick? *possible spoiler?* (Archived)NanayaX612/25/2012
Is it better to level everyone, or just a few? (Archived)APic312/25/2012
February Dungeon Question (Archived)finaleus612/25/2012
secret boss question... *spoilers* (Archived)TropicalBlast512/25/2012
oh no! learning Assault Dive, what do I forget? (Archived)
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Kanji or Teddie? (Archived)carnivalofsins612/25/2012
Chie's track suit (Archived)keiobe312/25/2012
Best Main Menu Music (Poll)
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Can't equip the swimsuit from Dojima? (Archived)GlLGAMESH512/25/2012
Fusion Recipes for Aeon and Jester personas? (Archived)
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