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Jesus, that was heavy. *giga-spoilers* (Archived)
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Battle of the Babes P4G Quarter Finals: Yukiko vs. Marie (Poll)
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how long until you get to the battle part of this game its just talk talk tal (Archived)
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I would not mind dateing Teddie if i were a girl.. (Archived)
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I created an Ameno Sagiri S Link. What do you guys think? (Archived)
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Chie eats alot right? (Archived)
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Oh crap. Did I just screw everything up? (Sorry but yes another HCR topic) (Archived)heyitsthatguy11512/18/2012
How many points does the shrine give you towards S. Link? (Archived)MidgardDragon99512/18/2012
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why was this game ignored in this month's game informer? (Archived)
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How would you feel if Atlus did these things. (spoilers) (Archived)AzurexNightmare812/18/2012
Save and load trick ? (Archived)fatelord212/18/2012
Mediarahan? Too much sp? Possible spoilers. (Archived)JRPG412/18/2012
Is the bonus dungeon available all the time after its open? (Archived)JRPG712/18/2012
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Did I mess up my chances of love with....spoilers (Archived)JRPG1012/18/2012
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