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P4MC, the major difference between P3MC. (Archived)
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The game should have used Yukiko for the tutorial. (Archived)Raven236612/20/2012
Rank 10 skill cards....ineedurhalp (Archived)HarvestrOfSouls712/20/2012
Why won't the old man talk to me about the River Guardian? (Archived)Snoopydance412/20/2012
When you start an S.Link/get Rank 1... (Archived)robotzombie312/20/2012
How many playthroughs and what did you do during each one? (Archived)AzurexNightmare1012/20/2012
Do you think Victory Cry will ruin my chances for Hardcore Risette? (Archived)dethfromabove64312/20/2012
What truly is "the best team"? *team spoilers* (Archived)
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P4 the Anime,P4 The manga, p4G the remake of the game.... (Archived)Raven236612/20/2012
New to the Persona series and I'm AMAZED with this game (Archived)RansomReynolds1012/20/2012
Would you like the next Persona game to continue the concept of Shadows? (Archived)thompsontalker7312/20/2012
l can't start Naoto's S.l (Archived)ManjiMidou1012/20/2012
How do you guys build Magatsu Izanagi? (Archived)_DeluxE_712/20/2012
Fishing for sea guardian. (Archived)Viking_Mudcrap412/20/2012
Late game BGM *spoilers* (Archived)Quiotu312/20/2012
P5 should have a college setting, just for the sake of ages making sense (Archived)
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Can you sum up the game? (Archived)
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Weird grammar moments in the game. (Archived)
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now Thats a rap (Archived)
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will i like this game? (Archived)Yaboy125712/20/2012
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