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Bad Ending (Obvious Spoilers) (Archived)Wolfwood441012/7/2012
You Know What Teddie's Least Favorite Subject in School is? (Archived)
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Where do I turn in "The Girl on the Rooftop" at the end? (Archived)Bisected8312/7/2012
KADFC guide possible on normal, 1st playthrough? (Archived)PlengRock1012/7/2012
Dungeon grinding related question: what are the consequences for leaving? (Archived)
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i put the persona 4 skin on my vita case XD (Archived)FelineCyborg712/7/2012
Play game and watch anime same time (Archived)Cyber_Tiger712/7/2012
The voice acting is so mixed. Also a question about length? (Archived)sarevokmb712/7/2012
Any awesome soundtrack? (Archived)defunct32912/7/2012
Rise's hot (Archived)
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Does Galactic Punting cause me to lose experience? (Archived)Zembaphobia312/7/2012
Stupid Question: How do I view the rescue log? (Archived)Bisected8212/7/2012
Anybody have some awesome Persona stories to share? (Archived)zangatsubankai612/7/2012
Will I Spoil Myself... (Archived)defunct32512/7/2012
I'm sure people know about this already... (Archived)Vanni127412/7/2012
A girl in my class is similar to Chie. (Archived)
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Teddie is a walking meme factory. (Archived)Alucard188 (M)412/7/2012
Triumph + Practice Building Workshop Student = (Archived)mongopikis112/7/2012
S. Links during December (Archived)WhiteRabbitKizi312/7/2012
perfect lunch box or great fortune draw..... (Archived)Sharius312/7/2012
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