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Boosts and Amps
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Did I max out every stat too early?Kaosorer_668/16 6:19AM
About the Golden Animation....cheatermaster98/16 3:17AM
Is it me or about the killer... *spoilers*
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Who's your favorite of the lesser waifus? (Poll)
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POLL: Who would you take out on a date? (Poll)
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Should I reroll to medium?aMonsoone38/15 10:15PM
Atlus is holding a contest to get a Japanese Persona Q 3DS LL.spealfan44448/15 9:14PM
So is Naoto Still the Favorite LI?
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Anyone ever get a Tie on the Miracle Quiz?THJ131378/15 11:48AM
What is the single thing you would change for (ANOTHER) remake or Persona 5?
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The gods / sprits in persona must have a lot of free time *spoiler*Raven23698/15 4:41AM
Thunder Reign and Magician Cards *minor spoiler*netj99948/15 4:38AM
This game froze on me WTFMariaAlteration58/15 12:23AM
Another Kaiwan with Victory Cry topicdamocles2328/14 8:45AM
Point to NG+ if..(slight spoilers I suppose.)dragonlord2658/14 5:11AM
I don't understand what the deal is with people's opinion on Marie anymore
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Which "Baby" is better? (Poll)ZoZolad48/13 10:23PM
Ok I'm going crazy with MoonMARKINGRAM2248/13 12:53PM
Just got a Vita. Is Craigslist the cheapest place to buy this Physical?PhantasmShot28/13 11:58AM