If Giant Bomb wins the upcoming tournament, I will close my GameFAQs account.

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im on MM and DL

Is this supposed to be a challange?

Not everyone wants to challenge anything that breaths and can hold a controller, Ethan.

*raises hand* I'm guilty of that.
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Ah, so it actually ended up being srs bzns huh...maybe I should have joined...too bad I'm juggling BB and GG and I seem to be developing a LoL habit...I haven't played persona in slightly too long.

Eh...I'll join the next one. :p

you're overkill having you joining us is like having SKD on our team

Join us when we challange dustloop

I figured that when I saw giantbomb in the thread title which is why only now did I bother to check what was going on in these topics XD.

I remember joining a room titled "Giantbomb" a few weeks ago...the host was a good Kuma who almost took a round I think. The rest of them sadly...left before my Aigis could pew her pew pewpperly.

Oh and I'm on DL too lol...and it wouldn't really be fair for this place to challenge DL, that site's devoted to competitive fighter players. We'd get stomped easily, only something like SRK vs DL would be fair.

Honestly, I think we can handle dustloop. It's not like we're horrible (imo)

I think we should slow our roll and challenge MayonakaMidnight next. We could probably handle them. Probably.

SKD is the moderator for yu's MM
he won't just stand there seeing his forum gets invaded SO LET'S FIGHT MM

also we could probably take one or two people down if we fight DL we have no change to win tbh
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SKD x Ethan OTP
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Sheesh, I wish you guys could challenge my country's DL (Hitconfirm), too bad the lag from South America ranges from abysmal to acceptable at best.

Honestly, there's an Aki player here that I doubt anyone short of SKD/LK/Dreiko have a chance against the guy. I wanna see him losing for once. >_>
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Gah! I just fought flux and lost. I am having trouble with the lag. :(
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Tae Seong Kim posted...
Gah! I just fought flux and lost. I am having trouble with the lag. :(

..our secret weapon has fallen.
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We are done!! Though I am having an off day. :/ lost half my matches so far today... <_<
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Hmmm... should I call for reinforcements? XD. I got a few friends that would scrape anyone.
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I like to think that we can handle it with what we've got so far.

We've got a team of specialists:

Yuutsu: The Team Leader
NaRD: The Unwavering Sword (dem levelheaded comebacks, son)
Tae: The Not-So-Gentle-Giant
Darkflare: The King of Cross Slash
FNF: The Chill Pill
rayplay: The Ray of Play

...Those are lame. I'm sorry.
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