I think I'm improving on SA a lot.

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4 years ago#1
After mostly taking about a 2 month hiatus, I think I've been doing pretty well. I started back last night and since then, I've:

Made it to Liz with Mitsuru twice in a row. Before that, the furthest I'd made it was Yu, about three times (by the way, Yu still gives me a LOT more trouble than anyone else in SA other than Liz. He's like the barrier I have to break to get a breather).

Made it to Liz with Teddie once, after only trying a couple times (overall I've probably tried SA with Teddie maybe 10 times, or perhaps even less). His autocombo is seriously awesome for this, and I think he has one of the easiest SAs by far because of this and his amazing Awakened special. Also his floaty jumps help a lot for certain fights (like avoiding the Circus Ball on his mirror match).

Made it to Chie, as Chie, when trying it with her for the first time ever.

Beaten it with Shadow Labrys (not much of an accomplishment, but this was like a couple days after I got my PS3 back).

I'm fairly confident I can do it as Liz if I can ever get her pattern down, and probably Yu as well. Naoto is a complex character even for SA, so I'm likely saving her for last. Does anyone have any tips on how to beat Liz as Mitsuru? I really just kind of do stuff and hope I win.

Also, I'm considering writing a Score Attack guide for this site. Would anyone want me to add their strategies and stuff?
4 years ago#2
I actually recorded a Mitsuru SA run through, but Im editing the Kanji one right now which should be uploaded by tommorow

As for Liz, its actually reaalllyy easy with Mitsuru. As soon as you land any move on her, just auto combo her but save your meter. After each auto combo, dash slightly and auto combo her again (The dash is to move closer and to stall your actions so she doesnt block the next autocombo)

Rinse and repeat until she's in awakening mode. When she's in awakening mode, you can do one of 3 things:

1. Do what you were just doing except you can now finish your auto combos with your SP skill. If you dont use your sp skill, neutral jump after using your autocombo and she should use ghastly wail. As soon as you land, auto combo her again and repeat the process until she loses

2. Bait her to use ghastly wail, and after you avoid it, sweep her, wait for her to get up, jump, sweep her again and repeat the process until she loses or time runs out

3. Do whatever combos you want, just make sure it ends with her on the ground. When she gets up, dodge ghastly wail and repeat what you're doing

After you win a round, win the second round with your IK, and bam, done

And Naoto is actually not that hard. She has the same strategy for everyone
Hers my run through of it

PSN: Crisuki_Misu
4 years ago#3
Good to hear you are back in the groove for score attack :) I have taken a break for now and am still aiming for number 1 experience with Yu. That and well GameFaqs tourney's :)

If you ever write a guide for score attack I would be willing to share some tips and strategy's I have for going through it with Yu. God knows I know score attack with Yu like the back of my hand lol.
The older rpg games will always be the best forever and ever
PSN: janne-da-arc24
4 years ago#4
Can you send me your Mitsuru run through email or something? If so, it's ganonpuppet@yahoo.com

Also thanks for the tips. I'ma check out the Naoto video now.

JanneDaArc135 posted...
If you ever write a guide for score attack I would be willing to share some tips and strategy's I have for going through it with Yu. God knows I know score attack with Yu like the back of my hand lol.

How do you go about doing Yu's SA?
4 years ago#5
The file is like over a Gig man ._. (25 minute long video in 720 HD)

'Tell ya what......
I'll upload a private vid with Mitsuru against Liz (without text commentary) and put a link in here around tomorrow afternoon. I'll leave it uploaded until im done editing the full vid

How's that sound?
PSN: Crisuki_Misu
4 years ago#6
Well by far your best friend is ziodyne. Save up your meter for Ziodyne because that is basically what you will be using your meter for. Cross slash is ok for when they are REALLY up in your face but try save meter for ziodyne. Once they are awakened usually 2 ziodyne will do it. Yu's dp is also a great tool. Use it when opponents are really being aggressive. Yu's auto combo is also a great tool. Use it to get sp fast and best of all the ai is pretty lenient with how much it will let you bit them with auto combos. Yu has an amazing IK for Score attack so take advantage of it in second round. I will write list character specific strategies now with you.

Yosuke- An annoying battle with anyone but the key is patience. Start off with your DP as he will 95% of the time run into it. After that its BLOCK, BLOCK, and more BLOCKING. When he is safe you can use ziocar or whatever combo you like. Its important to know I never really used raging lion in any of these battles in score attack as ziocar is soooooo good (especially in mitsuru and yu battles which I will take about later). Second round you can IK but its important to know about 1/4 times Yosuke will actually block or evade the IK which is kind of annoying.

Naoto- One of the easiest battles. DP at the start works 100% of the time Just keep an eye on her meter and go to work. It is worth mentioning auto combos work REALLY well in this battle. I have had matches where I did nothing but auto-combo's and won easily. Also in the second round Naoto will 99.9999999999% get hit with the IK at the beginning of the round after gold burst. I think its missed maybe once (MAYBE) out of over a hundred times.

Yukiko- An annoying battle again but just keep her pressured. DP at the start but sometimes she will actually back up and not get hit by it. If you can break her persona and get in her face. Auto combos also work surprisingly well here. Just be careful of her Godly cheap unblockable fire specials. An IK after gold burst in round 2 also has a very high chance of hitting her.

To be continued.......
The older rpg games will always be the best forever and ever
PSN: janne-da-arc24
4 years ago#7
Teddy- DP at the start usually works well. Auto combo's for the win. He seriously just doesn't block. If he does start blocking just mix it up with a ziocar or two. Throws work well on teddy as well. Raging lion is actually pretty good to use in this battle as well. It is worth noting that it is actually kind of annoying to land an IK on teddy after a gold burst in round 2. I would say 40% of the time he will block or evade it.

Kanji- Had the most trouble with him for the longest time until I learned a simple strategy. DPing at the start actually has mixed results for him as if he jumps back and you miss he will jump on you and make you feel pain. Not a good way to start out the round. Anyways just make sure you knock him down, rush up to him and when he gets up jump. He will almost always do 1 of three things. 1.) Counter grab 2.) Hit you with a chair 3.) Send his persona up to grab you out of the air. He usually almost always does 1 and 2 so as long as you jump he will whiff letting you auto combo him and repeat the same process. If he does 3 if you time it right it will whiff and you can auto combo him but sometimes it does hit you. No problem just knock him down and repeat above steps. He hardly ever uses 3 so no worries. Second round IK is sometimes tricky as sometimes he will jump and tackle you in the air rendering your IK useless.

Chie- Another very annoying opponent and one mistake can mean instant death. However she is also very easy to exploit. Just dp her at the beginning of the round (it will hit 99.99999999% of the time. Then just jump back and try to get as much distance as you can between her. If there is enough distance she will almost ALWAYS do dragon kick which will whiff allowing you to punish her. If she doesn't for some reason ziocar works well here. Second round IK will hit her 100% of the time if done after gold burst at the beginning. I have never had it NOT hit her.

To be continued.........
The older rpg games will always be the best forever and ever
PSN: janne-da-arc24
4 years ago#8
Mitsuru- For many and a lot of times for me.....a game breaker. I won't get into how much Mitsuru makes me rage as you already know. However she is also VERY weak to a simple move. Ziocar. Ziocar is your best friend here. At the beginning of the round dp is okay just use the pause trick to make sure she doesn't jump back as she does that sometimes (though rarely). After you dp her jump back and do ziocar. After it hits jump back and do ziocar. Rinse and repeat. After you jump back after you hit her with ziocar she will always try to freeze you with the chain but misses as you are in ziocar. Doing this strategy will get you to about 40% of her health left when her persona breaks. Actually for best results try doing ziocar to her in a way her persona doesn't break. This way her pattern will never change thus giving you an easy win. If you delay ziocar's timing a bit this should do the trick. If her persona DOES break then thats when the real match starts. She will IMMEDIATELY change her pattern of attack and become unpredictable. So start mashing that pause button every second you get. Now here you have 2 options. 1.) You can mash the pause button like your life depends on it and hit her ONLY when its safe and wait for her persona to restore and then resume the strategy I listed above. 2.) The strategy I listed above actually still works somewhat well for a persona broken persona but with decreased results. You can still however get it to hit her but its just harder. My recommendation is to hit her a few times with safe moves then get the heck away from her and start blasting her with ziodyne. Now for the second round. If Mitsuru wasn't annoying enough already its actually pretty hard to get an IK to hit her immediately after a gold burst at the beginning of the round. Therefore I modified it a bit to get much better results. After you gold burst her jump back and ziocar under her chain to hit her, THEN do IK. This works MUCH better than doing the IK at the very beginning as she will usually block that.

Akihiko- Again Ziocar is your best friend. Dp at the beginning will hit 100% of the time. Jump back and then ziocar. He will almost never block that. If he does dp and then jump back and do ziocar again. It is important that you jump back and do ziocar rather than not jumping back and doing ziocar as sometimes when he tries to counter if you don't jump and do ziocar you WILL get countered but if you had jumped back and then do ziocar his counter will be too early and you will still hit him. Gold burst and IK at the beginning of the round him 100% of the time. I have never NOT missed him.

To be continued......
The older rpg games will always be the best forever and ever
PSN: janne-da-arc24
4 years ago#9
Aigis- All about patience. I always chose to play it safe with Aigis. With Yu though you have a great advantage. As you know Aigis plays a killer zone out game. Great, let her. First of all I wouldn't recommend going for a dp at the start of the round unless you abuse the pause button trick and you KNOW she is coming towards you. Usually though she just jumps back for me. Next make sure you get in the corner and between blocking her stuff send out zio. When you hit her if you time the next zio right you can hit her right when she is getting up and she won't be able to block. Just keep doing this and you will have the win although with this strategy you will take quite a bit of chip damage. Once again for the second round if you cant get off a dp you can always try to rush her and then try a gold burst, wait for her to come out of the air and try for an IK. It is rather difficult to land an IK on Aigis but with patience and right timing it is possible. Even if you miss though just follow the above strategy for another win.

Yu- BY FAR, the cheapest player in the world. You DON'T want to get hit by any of his attacks, ESPECIALLY raging lion as it WILL be the end. However Yu, like Mitsuru and Akihiko is weak against ziocar. DP at the beginning of the round usually works 9/10 times but in this important of a match-up you really want to be using the pause trick anyways just to make sure. After the dp jump back and ziocar. Rinse and repeat. He will almost always fall victim to this line of play. Be careful when he has 50 sp or over though or he will use ziodyne and for some reason I don't understand he can move during ziodyne and WILL attack you and try to knock you into ziodyne. The real battle again starts when his persona breaks after you annihilate it with ziocar. Like Mitsuru his attack pattern will change and like Mitsuru you have 2 choices. 1.) Mash the pause button like you were getting paid for it and wait for a safe opening to attack 2.) Moreso than Mitsuru, even with a broken persona ziocar works well against Yu but you have to be careful because with a broken persona Yu almost always brings out infinite raging lions so BE CAREFUL. I can't stress this enough. One measly him from his raging lion and its usually round lost. When you have the sp and distance, ziodyne his butt. For round he usually will allow himself to be gold bursted (once again pause trick to make sure) but he actually sometimes (maybe 50% of the time) blocks your IK which is horrible because you just lost your burst, 100 sp, and he can now punish you. When this happens pray to whatever deity you believe in and hope he doesn't raging lion you to death. If he is nice and lets you live do the ziocar trick to wait until you can do IK again or just try to eek out a win. Yu is by far the hardest character in Score Attack.

Shadow Labryss- Pathetically easy. At the beginning of the round dp will almost always connect. For some reason she LOVES to spam AoA's so let her. Block it and then punish her. She will 90% after you knock her down and come up to her try another AoA for some reason. So rinse and repeat. Ziocar also works well if she for some reason she decides to do something else. For the second round gold burst into IK usually works well but she will block it rarely so be careful.

To be continued.......
The older rpg games will always be the best forever and ever
PSN: janne-da-arc24
4 years ago#10
Labryss- Pretty much the same as Shadow Labryss although she won't AoA AS much. Still does it a lot though. DP at the beginning of the round almost always works. DP and then try to bait the AoA if not ziocar her to death. She for some reason will almost always let Ziocar hit her. Sometimes you can win a whole round by ziocar because she's just like "Screw that, I ain't blocking that!" Whatever. Second round gold burst and IK work about 95% of the time so its a good move to try it. If it misses, just ziocar her to death.

Elizabeth- Yup the final boss. It is worth noting however, as I have only beaten her once my strategy for defeating her might not be the best so take what I suggest with a grain of salt. I won't even go into how cheap Elizabeth is because if I do I will just get angry. Here is the strategy I used when I beat her. I mixed up Ziocar and auto combos. Liz is surprisingly weak to auto combos so at the start of the round use the pause trick and act accordingly to which version of Thanatos she throws out. After that dp her. Then you can try for a ziocar. After that try to auto combo her and continuing auto comboing her until she actually blocks. If she does block jump back and try ziocar again. It is important to note that you should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use raging lion once in this battle because she will counter it and you will be sorry (if your even left alive after shes done with you). Try to keep pressure on her with auto combo's and ziocar, with the occasional dp thrown in if she gets too aggressive. Its also important to note that when Thanatos is broken she will start jumping in the air like a monkey making it hard for you to hit her. Now the factor that decides whether or not you beat Liz, is not how well you play. Its whether or not she uses her burst before she awakens. The reason is that if she bursts when she is awakened she will knock you back and then most likely heal herself fully meaning round over for you unless you have taken no damage so far and you are able to hurt her and keep a health lead over her until time runs out. You won't have enough time to take away all her health anymore when she heals so in that case your best bet is to play safe and hit her when you can and try to win by having more health than her when a time over occurs. HOWEVER if she burst during awakening there is STILL hope. If you have 25 sp and quick reflexes immediately after she bursts you do an ex ziocar. It is actually fast enough to knock her out of her healing move. When she is in awakening the strategy used to beat her then is pretty much the same with all characters. Auto combo her, jump over memento morti, and auto combo her again until she falls. During the second round make sure again to dash through Thanatos and THEN gold burst. If Elizabeth wasn't cheap enough already, it actually is fairly difficult to land an IK on her. So when you use his IK you better be sure it is gonna hit. A good tip is to wait until Liz is coming down from a jump or before she is about to use her laser move (I think its ziodyne)? At these times IK SHOULD hit her. Remember I only beat her once but that is when I got my IK to hit.

Remeber general strategy tips about Liz though. ALWAYS be wary of Hamaon. The other instant death one (I forgot its name) is usually overhead so its not that bad, but Hamaon is laid on the ground and since it starts up immediately many players will mistakenly try to block it. DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!! While it is possible to block it Liz will actually rush in and do a crazy high low mix-up that is VERY hard to block. If she connects with even one of these hits it will knock you into Hamaon meaning instant death. If Hamaon comes out, stop what you are doing and immediately jump back out of its range.
The older rpg games will always be the best forever and ever
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