TK moves on gamepad vs stick?

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4 years ago#1
I can't do TK moves on gamepad (only 25% chance). I can do them 75% of the time on stick if its a standalone move.... almost never in a combo.....

Any tips for either control device? Does the 214 need be done as fast as humanly possible to get it to combo?
4 years ago#2
Try inputting it as a 8214 rather than as 2147.
4 years ago#3

The answer here is probably obvious but:

Can only normals that can be jump cancelled be tk move cancelled?


One a square gate stick, do you think 2148 hits easier than 2149 due to shorter stick travel? I usually finish the movement by hitting the corner of 9, then allowing a few frames to jump before hitting the attack button.
4 years ago#4
Could you tell me what happens when you miss the Tiger Knee, and which move you are trying to do.

Also, I guess 2148 is easier than 2149, but it is not necessary to do those motions. It is easier to just do 2147, unless if you need an upward or forward movement on the jump special you are trying to do.
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4 years ago#5
Its a bit off topic from P4A since I don't use a char with a TK move in it.

I got used to 2149 doing SF4 Cammy's TK cannon strike.

Right now I'm mostly playing around with TKing BB Lambda Crescent Sabers... 2149 inches it forward a bit. I play Jin a bit so for BBCP i'll want to learn how to TK properly for his new moves.

Typically when I miss a TK in BB or P4A, it does the ground version of the move (char doesnt jump).
4 years ago#6
TK isn't an actual mechanic, it's a name the community came up with to describe this thing. Due to that, there's no actual "tk cancelling" mechanic in place, it's just a normal jump cancel with the air move being inputted so as it'll come up as soon as possible.

You can TK any air move, as for doing it mid-combo, you need to do it after a move which is jump-cancellable.

For TKing crescents 2147 is good as a mixup cause Lambchops needs to be as close to the ground as possible, if you do em after like, a 6A mid-combo though, 8214 is fast enough too.
4 years ago#7
Hazama's loop is easier to perform with 8214, but it feels so awkward that I decided not to incorporate it into my game. I knew it would get changed anyways.

I TK Swallow Moon with Platinum (2369) for quick jB overheads, but for jC doing 8236 is better (IMO, because it's slightly slower, giving you a slightly higher jump).

Anyway, I find it easier to do on stick, but I'm a pad player, so that take that as you will.
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4 years ago#8
I'll have to try 8214. Thanks. Yeah you are right that it seems like an awkward motion. I imagine it has to be done really fast to keep the move on the ground.
4 years ago#9
I personally found 2147 easier to do when doing Lambda corner loop combos back in CS1. It wasn't too bad offline, but it was nigh impossible to do online.
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