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3 years ago#31
donkatsu posted...
LOL, well I'm raging because I haven't done it once. It's so dam hard to do. What would be a good damage combo off AoA-C? something like J.B > J.C > J.B > J.C > dragon kick?

it WOULD be okay, but the J.D variant is one of the more important combos to know just by how good and versatile it is. It's the difference between 1) being able to end your combo in a super (God's Hand) if you need the extra damage, and 2) it gets about the same damage as J.BC, J.BC, Dragon Kick + knockdown instead of an insanely high in the air reset. IMO it's too important to give up on, and in my experience, the thing about combos is as soon as you actually do it once, it becomes far easier. Just like I said, try it in the corner to not have to do the dash part, and if you need to just mash 5B/set it to turbo if you can to at least see when the first possible moment it will come out is to help with your timing. Again, you won't be able to see yourself do it, so you have to rely on feel.
3 years ago#32
Colpevole your advice paid off! I actually managed to do the AoA combo few times. Felt like I just completed some insane challenge 30 lol. I started by doing it on the corner and that was somewhat easy to do after few tries then moved on to do the actual combo.

The timing on the dash still seems really tight though. I'm still not sure if I'll ever be able to do this combo in actual matches. And does that whiff J.B really help with preventing accidental air dashes? I still do AD most of the time.
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3 years ago#33
If you're still getting airdashes you need to do the whiff j.B later

And yes, it's a pretty important combo to know.

If you can kill with it, jbbc djbbc j236c is ok,

If you're not going to kill just go for the jD combo, even if you drop it you should still get the knockdown from jD.
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3 years ago#34
I'm getting better at this combo. There are times I can do it like 5 consecutive times, but I can't do it in like 20 tries lol... my fingers are getting mad tired from mashing the AB buttons.

So, I'm at a point where my dashes don't come out at all often. I definitely see the dash input in the training mode. Could it be that I'm pressing the 2nd forward together with B and that's why it's not coming out? I mean it should be either a dash or air dash right? If I can overcome this hurdle, I think I should have a really good feel for this combo since I'm somewhat comfortable with the timing of 5B.
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