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3 years ago#1
Since I've seen many people posting their PSN IDs in random threads for co-op, I figured I would go ahead and start a PSN ID exchange thread so it's a bit more organized. Here is the format I would like you all to use to help keep things in a proper order and avoid confusion.

Times of availability
Characters used (This is optional)

So, I'll go ahead and start us off then.

PSN ID: TetsuyaHikari
Country/Region: United States/Southeast
Times of availability: Any day is good for me at the moment, really. I'm generally on at odd hours between 4:00 P.M. and 4:00 A.M.
Characters used: I really like Brook and Sanji, so I'll probably be using them the most.

EDIT: By the way, just an fyi. I don't have the game yet, but you can feel free to go ahead and send a friend invite if you want. My copy is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. If you do send an invite though, please be sure to let me know where you got my ID from. I don't accept blank invites.

Thank you~!
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PSN: TetsuyaHikari
3 years ago#2
Feel free to add me and perhaps be featured on my YouTube channel in the process haha.

Psn ID: hayamaz
Country: Japan
Characters: open to all except Sanji since I finished with him in another log.
3 years ago#3
PSN ID: AsuraFist
Region: Canada, West
Times Available: Varies, on when i'm on, off when im off XD

I use msn, and im on it all the time. So if anyones interested in knowing it, message me or something
3 years ago#4
PSN ID: ordellrobie
Country/Region: USA
Times of availability: Nights, Eastern Standard Time
Characters used: Sanji and Zoro

Its been hit or miss with playing co-op with someone.
I definitely like playing co-op for this.
Please add me. I will be on tonight.
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3 years ago#5
PSN ID - macabre_angel
Region - USA, EST
Usually playing after 5:00 p.m. and weekends
Open to using any characters, have been leveling Zoro

I'll add the PSN IDs listed so far. Haven't been able to get into a game by searching so it should be interesting!
3 years ago#6
Is the Sony Network under maintenance for everyone else?

I can't log in D:
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3 years ago#7
Country/Region Japan
Times of availability Usually Japan in the evenings, but I am online fairly often and will play with anyone
Characters used Anyone, I usually use Usoppu.
3 years ago#8
PSN ID:ayhsu
Region: United States
Characters: mostly use all of the characters, but I particularly like Jimbei
3 years ago#9
Hiei the Stern posted...
Is the Sony Network under maintenance for everyone else?

I can't log in D:

Pretty sure it is down for a good part of the day
3 years ago#10
PSN ID: Noan1213
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Times of availability: Usually weekends (except this week >> weekdays), during the afternoon.
Characters used: Only used Luffy so far. Willing to use any of the others.

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