Are Essences only accesible via DLC? (And a glitch)

#1Unit3dPosted 11/1/2011 6:47:06 AM
Strange, I don't have the DLC yet but as I was playing awhile ago, I seemed to have picked up an essence from a quest reward (from the Meisters). Thing is, it didn't appear in my inventory and I tried pressing Triangle as the game advised in order to enchant my equipment but nothing happened.

Is it a glitch?

While we're on the topic of glitches, I also had another earlier. After reaching Level 22, I stopped getting EXP for some reason. I could still get exp from quests, but not from the monsters I killed in the Foundry. In effect, I went through the entire dungeon without getting a single monster kill XP. This only corrected itself after I completed the dungeon and triggered the crazy Automatons-destroying-Stonebridge quest.
#2TanthalasPosted 11/1/2011 7:30:20 AM
Well, on the day that the DLC was released there was a mandatory patch for the main game. I thought that you needed to have the DLC for the enchantment system to be available, but perhaps not.

You never see essences in your inventory. What happens is that when you have an essence and you're in your inventory screen (not equipment screen) you can press triangle to see the essences that you have. If the game isn't letting you do that, perhaps you can collect essences without the DLC, but need the DLC to do the actual enchanting.

As for your glitch, I never had that happen to me.
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#3Unit3d(Topic Creator)Posted 11/2/2011 5:47:22 AM
Thanks Tanthalas, do you have the DLC? How is it?

How come there are barely any people on both the original Dungeon Siege III board and this one? :(
#4TanthalasPosted 11/2/2011 12:43:59 PM
I think the DLC is fun.

It has some good points:

- The DLC is fairly large (I'd say as big as the events in Stornway or at the Glitterdelve mines).
- The story and texts you find add a bit more to the lore of Dungeon Siege III.
- The increased difficulty of Hardcore is very welcome.
- The areas are nice to look at, and the Aranoi desert also isn't as corridor like as the rest of the areas of Dungeon Siege III.
- Voice-acting continues to be good.
- The enchanting system adds some more depth to character customization.

But it also has some bad points:

- Enemies are mostly mobs from the main game with few new enemy models.
- Enchanting system is nice but limited since you can only enchant 5 stats: Chaos: Vampire, Doom, Retribution, Warding and Stagger.

As for the few people on the Dungeon Siege III boards, its a mix between DSIII not being that popular a game and there not being much to discuss anyway.
Sir Markham pointed out, drinking another brandy. "A chap who can point at you and say 'die' has the distinct advantage".