Do you think this will be a launch title in Japan?

#1PedroMontanaPosted 7/3/2012 3:05:37 PM
I mean, the Wii version will be released in August, so the Wii U version should be ready in November.

This and NSMBU are the guarantee that the Wii U will be a massive success in Japan.
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#2ignasia7Posted 7/3/2012 7:37:59 PM
Depends on a few things. When they started the conversion. What control functions they implemented, and if used any special features of the Wii U controller to get rid of certain necessities like Keyboards. Then whether they decide to beta test the Wii U version to ensure it's functioning properly and syncs up properly with the servers. Could be they do a quiet in-house test and no public beta, open or closed. There's also how many people they feel will get the Wii version then buy the Wii U version, and if their models show they're more likely to pick up the most audience by either waiting a bit and letting the Japanese consumer base get into the Wii version, or if they would benefit more from releasing the Wii U version as early as possible.

It's pretty certain Nintendo would want it to be a launch offering, and I have to wonder what level of integration the game will have with the new Nintendo Network.

Yes, I think it is very likely.
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