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Do you think this will be a launch title in Japan?PedroMontana27/3/2012
Graphics Question: Is this possible?sniffy56/29/2012
So what is the combat style on this?MewtwoEx26/28/2012
PAX Rumors: Online component to be optional, not a true MMO
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The female ogre character from the trailer is surprisingly hotTerotrous106/28/2012
Single Use Code Possible for DQX?sniffy46/27/2012
What if Blizzard competed with Square Enix on Wii U?lightgunfreak56/25/2012
Nintendo Direct trailer.DQAbel36/22/2012
i wanna see estark vs nokturnus in this game.wingblade9826/11/2012
So is this going to be like FFXI?Emerald_Melios36/3/2012
Hi There! A Dragon Quest X (WiiU) Intro From Your Friendly NeighborHood W_R! :o)W_R56/2/2012
Wii U users able to play with Wii users?InTheArmsofDeth26/2/2012
Japanese release date set
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
New trailer!MGSDizzle35/22/2012
What a wii USB and is this game going to be good?S1ppy_cup35/1/2012
Japanese version is in betaXyleTheAlmighty74/18/2012
So I just found out the direction is apparrently the same as Neir's
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What is the combat like.
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I hope they make this much better than the previous title dragon quest swords
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
After finishing a Dragon Quest marathon
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