The demo sucks. Does the game suck too?

#31EnDeR2015Posted 2/21/2013 3:25:31 PM
they should have included at least a bit of instructions on how to play or something
even i, that played the first mh and unite, still struggled with the easy monster cuz didnt play mh on my psp for so long with the camera reset button
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This has to be an elaborate trolling topic,it's quite well done.
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DrSteelecleaver posted...
Does the PS4 board have bad players posting on how the system sucks because they are bad at using the system?
>Reading thread
>Get to this post
>Completely lose it
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MrAntike184 posted...
The people here are worse than the people on the PS4 board? interesting.

There's nobody worse than the people on PS4 board...

This here are just Annonying elitists, that forgot they were bad at the game...
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The full game starts you out with missions against really wimpy monsters. You might have noticed some of those smaller monsters running around during the demo. You'll have missions where you have to defeat a certain amount of those types of monsters early on. You also get missions where you just collect a certain amount of foraging items as well. And you don't get the opportunity to in the demo, but in the full game, you create armor that has skills that can make life a whole lot easier. Can't dodge very well? Create armor with better evasion. Having trouble hitting hard enough? Create armor with better attack power. There are also a lot of items that can help out too.

I remember when I first fought the Great Jaggi in Tri. He was pretty hard and he was quite a bit easier than the easy monster in the demo. Just try out the controls, see if there are any weapons that might interest you, and know that the full game does ease you into the action a whole lot better.
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_junk_talk_ posted...
ohitsthatguy1 posted...
the game doesnt suck. it has a very steep learning curve. maybe mh just isnt your kind of game.

No, the game do suck. That control is awful.

Have you played any of the previous mh games? If not, you'll just have to take my word on this: as you've noticed, control scheme is bad. Fault is on the system, not the game. Cpp fixes this somewhat.
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You have to realize the demo is quite a bit less than 1% of the actual game.
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Monster hunter fans are a terrible fan base and will say you suck at the game just like a dark souls fanboy. Curse them.
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MrAntike184 posted...
The people here are worse than the people on the PS4 board? interesting.

what were you expecting??? people agreeing with you all the time? are you a child?
everyone is entitled to their opinion,. deal with it
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OmniImmortal posted...
You have to realize the demo is quite a bit less than 1% of the actual game.

You make a valid point. A game should never be judged completely by its demo. Demos tend to leave out huge sections of gameplay and mechanics that would make the game good. More often then not demos are only meant to show off a little bit of the game like a commercial would.
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