How many hours have you spent on the Monster Hunter series?

#41BassMasta6669Posted 3/8/2013 8:09:22 AM
120ish hours in Freedom

200 Hours in Freedom 2

3 or 4 350+ hour files in Unite.

2 300 hour files in P3rd.

75+hours of Tri

This game is probably going to be my longest file yet, cause im going to be soloing the better part of the game.
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#42realestateman(Topic Creator)Posted 3/14/2013 2:09:04 AM
I've actually got like at least 4 other new players interested, so they'll be starting at 0!
It's actually pretty exciting to play with new people that are friends, unlike online where inexperienced strangers are just a nuisance...
My roommate an I have a total of 2500+ hours between the two of us.
Well, that's okay I guess
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#43mewmew42Posted 3/14/2013 2:18:25 AM
Mhfu easily 100 hrs

mh japanese version after mhfu 30 hrs coz my psp broke

cant wait for 3 ultimate
#44Lolo_knightPosted 3/14/2013 3:05:39 AM
O_o damn u crazy I played like 60 hours on the wii version, and liked it but didn't have internet to play with my friend so we just went back to our mmorpg but now we both have internet... and we logged like 4 years time in that mmorpg, so it's gonna be awesome =]
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