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Winnipeg here too! New to the MH series and hoping 3U will be good, and that I will be able to do fine with only the 3DS version since I don't have a Wii U.

That's good to hear. I can help you out then. Id consider myself a veteran. Bin playing since MH1 on ps2 I'm on 3ds now to so I'll be looking for people to meet up once in a while to hunt together.

What area are you in? I'm in fort rouge. Also age? I'm 23

Aaahh, so far away. I'm in St.James, and 20 myself.

That's not to far. I work at polo. Well once it's out if you want we can figure something Out

Haha, well that works out well. I'm pretty close to polo.
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K well I sent you a friend request on gamefaqs.