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3 years ago#11
koroko_korobase posted...
Plus rank, G-rank, High rank, it's all the same.

Wrong. High rank is HR 5-7, G-rank is HR 8-9 iirc
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3 years ago#12
There's only 2 ranks in Tri, thus I don't care what they're called. One is just higher then the other.

The other ones aren't the same system.
3 years ago#13
Using that logic, it's easier to call it high rank, since it's... higher.

Anyways, thing about soloing G-Rank, yeah it's all soloable, however expect it to be nintendo hard. But man does it feel good to beat G-Rank stuff.

I see it like this, low rank is mostly you just getting use to the game+walking up a slightly angled platform, high rank is where you're really starting to see the true difficulty though you're not quite there yet+the platform suddenly gets a lot steeper, but it's manageable albeit tiring to climb up, then you finally get to G-Rank where the difficulty starts hitting you head on+you're now trying to climb straight up a cliff, but once you get to the top it's like all the good feelings in the world flow into you at the same time.
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