Sharpened Fang?

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User Info: DClax

4 years ago#1
Where do i get a sharpened fang? i need 4 for a bow upgrade (to hunter bow III) but i only have 1 and i have idea where i got it from, and the internet says to kill those dolphin thingies in the sand but i've doing that for the past 3 hours and have only gotten stuff like monster guts and something else...can't remember what that was either lol (i have a bad memory, sorry)

thanks for any help in advance
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User Info: lonelyhuntr

4 years ago#2
The sand fish in the desert
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User Info: dynamomaster

4 years ago#3
Keep killing those Delex in the desert.
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User Info: Mean_Beanie

4 years ago#4
I believe the old lady at the marina sells them. The Argosy Captain also trades for them, once you get him to trade with another land.

I could be wrong, but I think Sharqs also drop them, provided you kill them with Harpoon.

User Info: thepotatoking_

4 years ago#5
I get them from sharqs and also from those big fish in flooded forest

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