Brachydios Gem

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3 years ago#1
Is it possible to get this from the HR Village quests?

3 years ago#2
Also, looking to upgrade the GL, where do I get the Indigo Tusks? Is that Wind Barioth?
3 years ago#3
Yeah you can get those. I actually got it from a shiny drop, most likely from the puddles.
Indigo Tusks are indeed from Sand Barioths
3 years ago#4
Thanks a lot. Loving this Gunlance.

I played P3rd and wasn't sure of the English patched translation.
3 years ago#5
Does anyone know if the regular rewards are different between the Village High Rank Brachydios and the Tanzia Urgent Brachydios?
3 years ago#6
Still haven't got one.

Possible in Village Brachy?
3 years ago#7
Yes you can get Brachydios gem from the village quest. I got two from him out of my 8 fights. I did brake his horn, both his hands, cut his tail, and capture him all those time too.
Your face, it burns my eyes!
3 years ago#8
Cha-Cha got mine.

It's just a rare drop.
(V) (;,,;) (V)
3 years ago#9
I have beaten him 6 times so far, 5 in the village 1 in the online urgent. So far, I've gotten 4 gems, 1 off a tail carve, 1 off a body carve, 2 off the village quest rewards, all my gems were gotten offline so far.
3 years ago#10
Thanks guys I've killed and captured him at least 15 times on and offline. Breaking everything, cutting the tail off, and picking up multiple shinies, still nothing.

Damn desire sensor.

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