best hammer?

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3 years ago#11
I wasn't calcing the damage they get with or without neg crits, I was doing their overall average damage output >.<

IIRC every 10% Aff works out to an average of an extra 2.5% damage increase... so just the same subtracting 2.5% takes into account neg Aff which is what I did
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3 years ago#12
So what is the best hammer between those two ?

I guess it depends on your luck on the negative %
3 years ago#13
Without Sharpness+1, I gotta give the title of best hammer to the narga hammer.

With it, the title goes to Grongigas.
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3 years ago#14
^that pretty much lol
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3 years ago#15
Satyrangeluz posted...
oblivian_ty_7 posted...
Grandbasher's pretty good, but Grongigis beats it. unless I'm incorrect, 10% Aff. works out to roughly a 2.5% damage boost overall therefore:

Barroth Grandbasher, 1456 with -10%
1456 * .025 = 36.4

1456 - 36.4 = 1419.6

Grongigis Hammer, 1508 with -15%
1508 * .0375 = 56.55

1508 - 56,55 = 1451.45

clearly the Grongigis Hammer comes out on top in terms of raw, though it's Purple Sharpness is a tiny bit smaller. there's also the fact that with Awaken you get a massive 500 Slime so..... yea, that's definitely my goal lol

Emmmm what? 0.025? you are wrong man. A negative hit deals 25% less damage than a normal one and a critical deals 25% more damage. So:

Barroth Grandbasher, 1456 with -10%
1456 * .25 = 364


Grongigis Hammer, 1508 with -15%
1508 * .25 =377

1508 - 377 = 1131

But you can take the Grongigis Hamer as a weapon with 1131 that deals 1508 85% of time. Be sure to get sharpness+1 to get a Sharpness bonus multiplier and you can always get rid off the negative afinnity with critical +2/3. Good luck.

True, it deals 25% less damage, but in computing the "average" raw damage of a weapon, you also need to factor in its affinity, since it basically is how frequent you make +25% (or -25%) more (or less) damage.
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