Majestic Horn

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3 years ago#1
Hey all,

Been farming the majestic horn from 5* offline Diablos for a while now and the low(ish) drop rate's getting to me. I'm aware that the drop rate increases a huge amount as you get to higher ranks, but I needed the armour upgrade and thought the Diablos set looked good, so here we are.
What I'm wondering is if there's a skill somewhere that'll help me get the horn, or really anything I can do to improve my chances. At the moment I'm breaking both horns and capturing it to end the quest.

3 years ago#2
Use Sonic bombs when he buries and isn't in rage mode and go all out on his head then capture him, aside from that you just have to be patient.
Typical quest with a Pr0 Hunter
3 years ago#3
I gave up after 18 hours of constant Diablos hunting with no horn. Have fun.
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3 years ago#4
Thanks, that inspired some hope :( Does it still drop from LR Diablos in Ultimate? Also, there's no way to end via subquest or something similar any more, is there?
3 years ago#5
Just got one, woo! That was awful. Thanks for the help, ended up breaking the horns and capturing it again.

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