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User Info: The_LuXx

4 years ago#1
So I did a mining run and got a creator Talisman which had 4 sharpness and 10 maestro, decided I didn't want it, so sold it, didn't save game and reloaded the game. 2 harvest runs later I get another Creator talisman, this time with 5 evasion and 10 expert, which I did keep.

So my theory is if you get a creator talisman that you don't want, don't save and reload your game and you will likely get a creator talisman again very soon. But once you accept a creator talisman your hidden luck resets and you won't find a creator talisman until many runs later.

Kind of like how luck worked in Ragnarok Oddyssey.

Is anybody else doing this?
I'm trying 5 handicraft 4 evasion talisman, and 4 handicraft 7 sharpener.

User Info: JaggiJumper

4 years ago#2

LoL IGN: I Am Zyra.

User Info: The_LuXx

4 years ago#3
Hey this actually works.

I had another run where I got a creator talisman evaluated, but this time I kept count of how many enduring charms and ancient shards I had evaluated at the end of the quest.

I had 2 enduring charms and 1 ancient shard, my first charm was legend, my second charm was creator and my ancient shard was worn.

Didn't get a creator talisman I wanted so I didn't save, reloaded my game and did a quest again (used a gourmet voucher to always get felyne explorer and suicide bombed myself) but made sure I had identical amount of things to evaluate, 2 enduring charms 1 ancient shard. And the results came out the same, 1 legend, 1 creator, 1 worn weapon, though the charms were different stats, they were still same rarity outcome. So I'm certain as long as I keep reloading my game and re doing quest with similar amount of evaluation for charms I will always get my charm to be a creator talisman until I save.

I've done evaluations where I only had 1 enduring charm, or 1 charm and 1 ancient shard, and I didn't get a creator talisman.

But my last one I evaluated 1 enduring charms and 3 ancient shards and I got a creator talisman and 3 junk weapons.

So I think as long as I have 1 enduring charm and 2 other rarity 7 items to evaluate (enduring charm/ancient shard) I will always get a creator talisman as one of my results for the charms.

Still testing, going to try and get a better creator talisman.

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