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3 years ago#1
Is that the equivalent of the lower rank's Rathian Spike/Spike+?

Does that mean I have to fight the Rathian at a lower rank to get the Spike+ for the Rathian Set X?

Also, is it possible to get a Ruby at a G-Rank quest? Or the rarest is the Mantle? Like the Spike+, would I need to farm the lower rate Rathian?
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3 years ago#2
Rathian Surspike is a G-rank Rathian Spike

Rathian Mantle is basically a G-rank Rathian Ruby (at least in rarity). You have have a higher chance of getting a ruby in G-rank then in High-rank
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3 years ago#3
You can get Spike+ from G rank Rathian, but you would probably have better chances with the high rank Rathian, if you go for tail carves and tears in addition to body carves. You can also get Rubies from G rank, which is actually where you get your best chances of obtaining a Ruby (4/5% for capture reward/tail carve, respectively). G rank Rathian doesn't drop Rubies via tears or head break rewards though.

The rarest items G rank Rathian drops are Mantles and Surspikes, which are all 1-2% drops, save for a 10% tail carve chance for a Surspike.
3 years ago#4
Oh lol I got a Surspike after I had captured my 2nd Rathian before posting this. Must've gotten lucky.

I'd have to KILL the Rathian to get a higher % of rare drops? I've always thought it was capturing that would get you more chances for quest rewards.
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3 years ago#5
Well, it depends on what kind of drops you aim to get. Some drops (like the Spike+) can't be obtained via capture rewards, but can be obtained by killing and going for body carves. Similarly, you can't body carve a Ruby from a dead Rathian, but you can obtain it as a capture reward. Killing or capturing depends on what rewards you want to obtain.

As for quest rewards (not to be confused with capture rewards), the only way to increase your chances of getting a quest reward would be the Fate skills and the Lucky Cat kitchen skills. As far as I know, capturing doesn't affect your quest rewards.
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