Why do you use the type of weapon you do?

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3 years ago#1
Just curious as to why you use the type of weapon you have deemed your favorite.
Psn- desolate_spence
3 years ago#2
I use the GS, Hammer and DS. But my love child. Is the SnS.

I love the SnS, I can't say it enough and here's why.

1. You are the most agile of any of the weapon styles. Able to roll through any of your combos to really have 1 to 1 dodging speed.

2. You cut through hide at one color above your current sharpness. Green cuts through hide like blue would without the raw dmg increase.

3. You can use items without sheating by holding down the right trigger and hitting square. This allows for well done steaks, drinks, sharpening, and trap laying.

4. Shield. That is effected by all shield abilities. And since the dodge roll mixed with it allows for accurate dodging and shielding as well you have the best of both worlds in my honest opinion.

5. (X) + (A) = Jump Slash, Jump Slash + Dodge Roll. It uses half the stamina of dodge spamming, And since the animations interrupt eachother you can actually move faster then just dodging alone, allowing for tail catching while a monster is limping away or running/charging.

What can I say, You are the fastest and if you are good you have an IMMENSE elemental/status stat to throw around. WIth a good set, Slime can be specialized into, Status effects can be spec'd into for bombing/poisoning/Paralocking.
3 years ago#3
I'm an sns mainer as well. I just have the most fun with it.
Psn- desolate_spence
3 years ago#4
desolate_spence posted...
I'm an sns mainer as well. I just have the most fun with it.

The funniest thing is my real name is Spencer... Are you me?
3 years ago#5
I love my HBG for different reasons:
First, ammo variety. Different ammo - different approach - different hunt.
Second, complexity. I love delving into the vast calculations "needed"/possible, even though I'm not really into math.
Third, Weapon variety. Every gun has to be handled differently (a bit exaggerated, but nonetheless true, to some extent).
Fourth, Freedom to attack whichever part I want, regardless of its position.
Fifth, Power. HBGs are still one of the most powerful classes in the game, packing a more than decent punch paired with a constant barrage of hits.
Sixth and last, nostalgia. This class has been my main ever since I seriously picked MH up (without fooling around/abusing lame cheats, that is). Many fond memories :)
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3 years ago#6
You know, I have never used a ranged weapon. Maybe I should try it out for once. Spence is a nickname. My name is actually Shelton lol.
Psn- desolate_spence
3 years ago#7
Lance: because lances have always been the best weapons in other games I played and it holds true here too. Shield makes things doable sometimes, like against ZINOGRE
3 years ago#8
Greatsword - The weapon I used the most back in MH1.
Longsword - Longswords were actually GS back in MH1 too. But now they are different and I like the change.
Lance - For underwater fights.
Bow - Mutilplayer Kelbi only
3 years ago#9
Switch Axe for me. It's a nice balance between speed, mobility, power, and reach. It's not the best in any category, but it's good enough in all of them to be extremely versatile if used properly.
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3 years ago#10
Switch axe for me! I just freakin love looking at that weapon morph around, and explose and stuff... Okay I sound like Michael Bay right now, am I?
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