Just picked this Game back up....

#1SassytrainerPosted 12/27/2013 11:32:01 AM
And I found out I am a total Newb when It comes to Bows and Bow Guns in General. I Wanted to try something New. I am normally a Lance/ Dual Swords user. But through all the Monster Hunter Games I have played I Never used Range Weapons.

With that Being Said. I am up to 3 star Village Quests, and Have fought and Beat Qurupeco, But Bows feel Weird and Fights take alot longer then they should. Peco took me the better part of 35 Minutes to take down.

Any tips on what Armors and Bows I should be going for I Have,Hunter's Bow II, Wroggi Revolver I, and Anko Unu. and the armor sets I have are Leather, Hunters, and Wroggi.

Also any other tips are welcome. Want to get better at Bows be for I try to get back online don't want to get people Mad at me for being Bad.

Thanks and Cheers.
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From what I remember (for bowguns anyway, I never use bows) there aren't a lot of great weapons in low rank at least until you get towards the end of it with Rathalos and Lagiacrus and all them. Similarly there aren't a lot of great armor sets for gunners until late low rank and into high rank, if you can manage to not get hit by any fire attacks I would probably go for Jaggi armor just for the attack boost. Then later if you are using a bow you will probably want to make the Barroth gunner armor since it has attack up and marathon runner so it will help with your stamina usage.
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#3Sassytrainer(Topic Creator)Posted 12/27/2013 11:20:22 PM
Ok thanks, I am using Arko Nulo (R) atm and Wroggi.. and it seems ok ATM... I will be looking at the armor sets when I can.
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