Can you hack talismans on this game?

#11MellowButtersPosted 5/30/2014 3:50:07 PM
I only hope capcom will lay the law down when players inevitably use this on 4 ultimate. just the thought of some scrub acting all smug and proud because they have this impossible set that no one else can get unless they grinds my gears I tell ya
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#12omnid88Posted 5/30/2014 3:59:52 PM
I'd prefer it if they did without this RNG charm system altogether and let us able to trade in for charms.
#13ZirePhoenixPosted 6/2/2014 10:40:15 PM(edited)
I don't think I have ever been amazed by armor skills. I have been amazed by actual playing skill. Having Uber gear ruins the player.