I feel like Murphy's law is far too embedded in this game...

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2 years ago#1
The more I play this game the more I realize that bad stuff just always happens at the worst time. My 2 lagi fights with my GS user are a perfect example. On the bright side I got a plate on the first kill. I figured it meant the game was about to own my face, which ended up being the case. During both fights with Lagi I noticed an annoying trend. Almost every time I hit the level 3 charge he used the ONE thing that would make me miss right when I release the hit. I figure ok im just being greedy with charges so I try to stick to level 2 charges, same thing, right when I let it go he moves in just the right way to totally avoid damage. I figure okay I'll just do level one charges, same thing. Even when low on stamina on land. Always just happens to move right when I let the charge go, doesn't even matter what charge. Either I'm just really unlucky, or paranoid, or monsters make a conscious attempt at dodging attacks.. On top of that I got 3 carted during my second fight . All 3 kills I got stunned right before dying and always with about 25% hp left and I always got stunned by the stupidest thing. No not a hip check or a lightning blast. But like getting hit by his leg when he backed up. The 3rd cart happened when he was very low on HP, i'm seriously upset about that, 25 min of my life gone because lagi backed up.

Am I the only one with this particular Murphy's law issue? Because it's gotten to the point I can predict when I'm going to get stunned with almost 100% accuracy and more often then not, reguardless of rank, I die right after. it's seems way too dang "convenient," to be random.

/end rant

PS: I know I'm a total scrub for posting this
2 years ago#2
I wouldn't give the ai too much credit with the "conscious" decision bit, but I do agree that some routines that they are programmed to execute fire when the player is most likely to have jimmies rustled.

This may happen more often or less depending on the weaknesses of weapon class, and maybe the ai can really take advantage of the gs's speed (or lack of).

Then of course there's just the fact that underwater fights put the player at an infuriating disadvantage as is. Might I suggest a lance or gunlance?
2 years ago#3
I'm more or less trying to go it all GS save for Ceadeus. Ironically enough it's not the fact it's a water fight that's hindering me so much as Great Swords suck so bad in LR. Even landing lvl 3 charges left and right it took me 21 minutes to kill Lagi. Fast charge will help no doubt but I have to finish the lagi armor for that.
2 years ago#4
I don't charge in underwater fight unless monster is taunting, stagger, flinched, or roaring (if i have earplug).
1 Draw slash, slap/h slash, dodge, seathe then swim around. Works for me at least.

Tips: Make vertical dodging as habit (hold b while push up/down) very useful technique.
"To be forgotten is worse than death." -Freiya-
2 years ago#5
I could try that I suppose but I've found the draw slash slap technique rather inefficient on land. Lagi leaves a lot of openings in the water so charges aren't totally wasted when I land them properly.
2 years ago#6
That awkward moment when a Bnahabra kills the lagiacrus and not you. oh well finished my set and got an extra lagi plate in the process.
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  3. I feel like Murphy's law is far too embedded in this game...

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