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I despise those who say a weapon sucks just because they suck at using it. (Archived)kingjam183/21/2014
Any tips on beating plesioth? (Archived)
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The RNG gods hate me and have conspired with the Desire Sensor (Archived)Grimwohl93/20/2014
We all know charging bows boosts status/element, but... (Archived)
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Should I snipe this charm? (steady hand+3 evade up+6) (Archived)bulbinking33/20/2014
I've noticed Barioth dies to fire bows in less than 10 minutes.. (Archived)CrescentKnight73/20/2014
Preferred Weapon Poll: Uragaans (Poll)
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Earth Quakers Solo Help (Archived)Arippold53/20/2014
I miss the Silver Sol Armor and Tenderizer from MHP3rd (Archived)
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Wanting to try ranged, no idea where to start! (Archived)Essence Void63/20/2014
Renewed love for Longswords (Archived)Jagayama13/20/2014
charm table help. (Archived)
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HR volcano gathering is a godsend (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob13/19/2014
Easiest way to get Awaken & Sharpness +1 (Archived)
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Concerning Multi monster quests (Archived)insignficance103/19/2014
Armor skill names, then and now... (Archived)Jagayama33/19/2014
Multiplayer (LAN 3DS/Wii U) Semi-Technical Question (Archived)boringdork63/19/2014
Why do people like raw bows? (Archived)
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Raw Meat.. (Archived)Voiced40863/19/2014
I need Help with Grongigas. (Archived)
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