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HR Rathalos easier than Village Rathalos? (Archived)KuzuryuSubaru49/22/2013
Just got to g-rank... (Archived)
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Optimal equipment to farm G.Ceadeous? (Archived)aj_hacker8749/22/2013
Looking to start another weapon - suggestions? (Archived)smajda8569/22/2013
it's gonna be a while till i get Nether Lufactrus, so can anyone..... (Archived)hadiwinata19/22/2013
Wait, this is just an "enhanced port/remake" of Tri? (Archived)Ramilo7779/22/2013
Favorite Monster Hunter Mascot or Monster in genreal (Poll)
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Goldbeard. The Great Wall of Moga. (Archived)Darizuka69/22/2013
just brought MH. (Archived)
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Best way to break g-rank Ivory Lagiacrus' horns and back? (Archived)Logan_ECW79/22/2013
Tank armor? (Archived)notacos39/22/2013
I am a Lance user. (Archived)
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Finally beat Moonlit Tryst today, feeling pretty happy. Didn't get anything good (Archived)Ruins7249/21/2013
Need advice on HR 7 Urgent (Archived)David891229/21/2013
THIS is how you know you're a BOSS (Archived)
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Brachyidos Question (Archived)rin207539/21/2013
solo raiding (Archived)matakj0929/21/2013
uh yeah. i just bought the game, but i have a question (Archived)BlackHorse696949/21/2013
What monsters/quest have special unlock requirements? (Archived)PhoenixWroggi49/21/2013
Is it important to gem in Power Coat+? (Archived)Smudge39/21/2013
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