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Preparation to an 85% Failure. (Archived)
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Random amazing drop percentage happenings (Archived)AethelwolfRos89/21/2013
does 3d mess with performance? (Archived)MBBDarigon109/21/2013
Should I get this version if I already have the Wii U version? (Archived)Marcster199499/21/2013
Is there a real world price to the DLC? (Archived)
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Decent into hades (solo) (Archived)Xxsugar_girlxX49/21/2013
Rathalos mantle: A.Rathalos tail runs vs. Fate and fire (Archived)holon_zz29/21/2013
Alatreon GS (Archived)Volkn69/20/2013
Good armor sets (Archived)Madragora59/20/2013
what do you do with the mask you get that is supposed to be the ultimate mask (Archived)tiamat99929/20/2013
At $19.99, is MH3U worth it? (Archived)
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wow, 50% off on the Eshop today. (Archived)AceGamer11x109/20/2013
So am I the only one... (Archived)Neosephiroth66629/20/2013
Brachy equipment? (Archived)LethalLala79/20/2013
Any other monsters have their own battle music unique to them/their subs? (Archived)pikachupwnage29/20/2013
MonsterHunterNYC (Archived)ShiroZangetsu99/20/2013
Throwing Knives. (Archived)Cornholioam49/20/2013
After the cutscene with qurupeco, I couldn't find him. (Archived)Chenmaster259/20/2013
GS beginner question: Charge and Critical (Archived)Thundroramuh39/20/2013
Woops, how'd that happen? (Archived)
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