And..... nothing.

#21_Vuze_Posted 6/8/2012 2:21:13 AM
Same here, also got a japanese 3DS and put around 450h into the game. (Got it in February though, had problems with my first import shop + I got my finals at the moment so not mucht ime D:)

Did you really expect the announcement of a western release at E3? I mean Cappy already said they would have a PC and thus no new game announced.
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even though we are not friends. Make that 4 people now ;)
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GodApophis posted...
Watch capcom will release Monster Hunter 3G ultimate edition basically 3G with online and one new subspecies

But there's no need for this. For online, they can simply patch it in.

BlackPhoenix127 posted...
Fixed. Seriously, how did Tigrex NOT get in TriG? Wasn't he MH2's signature monster? It seems like the signature monsters of the main games should be mainstays. Rathian/Rathalos, Tigrex, and Lagiacrus.

Because it makes buying other games useless.
3G alone has SIX flagship monsters from the other games.
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Playing P3rd to death was reason enough not to shell out for a brand new 3DS for one game. 3G is basically P3rd to me with the exception of G-rank and a couple new monsters. We will just have to see what they do with MH4.
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^i'm with twig, played P3rd and offline Tri long enough to get burned out, not liking the underwater battles for a bit

still considering of getting a 3DS though, since i heard that that PW vs layton are going to be localized
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GG Capcom, GG :p
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