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4 years ago#1
I'm trying to figure out the best setup for any character build. a lot of people think 10 INTELLIGENCE is default because of the bargaining and the skill points, but ive also heard people argue that bargaining isnt worth wasting points for and you max at 100 skill points in any given skill.

what is the max level you can reach in this game?

and is bargaining really important, or would the bonus loot from LUCK help more by causing extra loot drops?

i feel like luck would be better for money making, only because you buy things less often than you kill people for possible bonus drops, and a strength you can choose gives an extra 5% bonus loot drop, bringing your total possible bonus loot percentage to 80%, higher than bargaining and with more chances for it to work.
4 years ago#2
bonus loot so far, with a 10 luck and the strength for +5%, has barely dropped anything. if it has, it hasnt stated that it was from bonus loot as it would normally state. only 3 times during chapter one and 1 time during chapter 2 (so far) has any bonus loot dropped. whats odd is that i had to replay a few fights since i have it on the hardest difficulty, the same person who dropped bonus loot the first time ended up dropping the same exact bonus loot the second time... it seems like its scripted based on the percentage of loot drop your character has, but not mathematically; more like an if-then statement... "if character has: 80% bonus_loot, then enemy 1 will drop item X." and if they percent is lower, that enemy may not drop it, but another enemy still might... it seems pretty stupid and ive had greater success saving money on purchases so far (saving and loading each time i buy something so as to obtain the discount). i have max intelligence as well as max luck for both characters. im going to see what happens with it like that. endurance on both is set to 1, so it may be very difficult to get through while on the hardest difficulty.
4 years ago#3
Inteligence is the worst stat. You don't need it anywhere need 10. It's best to put all your points into a single skill first anyways, so you'll get to 100 really quickly. Even 5 is too much.

Both bargaining and luck have no significant effect on you, especially since you'll be very poor for half of the game and won't be making many purchases anyways. By the end of the game, your cash ramps up very quickly and you can buy almost anything you want.

Strength, Agility, and Luck are your best stats, with the amounts varying for the two protagonists. Drop points from Endurance and and Intelligence.

Max level is 15, but I only just reached it at the very last moments of the game, and that was after doing almost all of the sidequests.
4 years ago#4
to get to level 15, do you have to choose to fight for each conversation option which allows it? when you do, you gain exp not normally given. although im aware doing so may cause certain quests to not show up or something, but im not sure how much that happens in this game. like, for instance, chapter 2 has you basically needing to please either the guards, the lords, or the citys people. i pleased the guards and slightly pleased the nobles and the citys people, but im not sure how that really affects anything later.
4 years ago#5
I don't think so, as it doesn't add up to much. Just make whatever decisions feel best with the story.
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