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4 years ago#1
seriously they made it like games such as DA? was hoping it would have brutal realtime combat(realtime as in no pausing to use abilties) for example something like mount n blade warband's combat.

i see some people saying the story and dialog is great so i wont completely say the game must suck but im the type of gamer who only cares about gameplay mostly
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4 years ago#2
Considering everyone loves Dragon Age I don't understand why the Combat in this games gets such negatives responses.
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4 years ago#3
I hate DA.....
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4 years ago#4
Someone on the PS3 game board called the combat KOTOR like and I think that's a little bit better comparison than DA.

Anyway, if you are a fan of the source material and CRPGs you can't go wrong with this purchase.
4 years ago#5
The combat style itself is great if you like more traditional tactical RPGs, but... this games implementation of it is really sloppy. It's hard to really feel like Dragon Age when at most you have only one other companion at any other time and you're often alone.

The animations actually hurt the combat. No one reacts to getting hit at all and even the health bar takes a half-second to go down after an attack animation is already finished. It just kind of ruins any excitement you could be having. I don't even think I saw blood or at the very least, a spark like effect from hitting armor to let you know an attack was successful. You just have to wait a half-second for that health bar to move down or a message to pop up if you missed. The sound effects are equally dull and doesn't give you any feedback on attacks.

However... this game also has some weak pacing so far. (I'm at chapter 8) There's far too much walking and talking and too few exciting combat scenarios. And if you're thinking the dialogue is political intrigue where words have as strong an effect on the games outcome as killing... Well, it's not really like Game of Thrones in that respect. More just like other RPGs with dialogue trees.

For the record, I rented the game for PS3 because I didn't want to purchase the game just to play the superior PC version as I heard it wasn't very good.

Overall, I'm still enjoying the game, but the combat does have its weaknesses even if you DO like its tactical nature and there hasn't been any tough fights that make me think fast thus far.
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