Act 2 is driving me crazy

#1ChunhwaPosted 5/7/2013 9:54:48 PM(edited)
Basically, I cracked down hard on the rioters, killing everyone who dared attack me or a guard. I intimidated the people in the square with crossbowmen, I threatened the people at the gates, I killed the thieves at the port. Hell, I even let out the locked-up people for the sole purpose of killing them.

The only merciful actions I took were passing fair judgment at the docks and sparing one guy in the name of R'hllor for the sake of getting the fanatic trait.

And yet, when it came time to face Tyrek, I get berated by the guard named Pot-Belly for making "weak decisions" that didn't help anybody. He also says I was obsessed with making the people love me.

Just how hardcore does this guy want me to be? I get the feeling I could have flayed every peasant alive and he still would have called me weak.
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