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4 years ago#11
guimond777 posted...
hotgamer posted...
iDoneGotU posted...
9/11 is an awful date to release a game in US. -_-

That would have been insensible after a year or two, but it's been 11 years.

I agree.....is the world suppose to just "stop" on 9/11 due to what happened 11 years ago? Are people not suppose to leave their houses, release video games? Go to shopping malls?

Not to sound insensitive, but....its been 11 years....life has moved on. Who cares if a game is released on 9/11?

I agree with this. I mean seriously this game has practically nothing to do with 9/11 so it wouldnt be offensive to us Americans to release on 9/11.
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4 years ago#12
I'm starting to really dislike my Vita, and regret purchasing it now. There are so many awesome games for it .. in Japan. I dunno what I was expecting, but I sort of hoped Sony would be really pushing the Japanese devs for more/faster Euro/NA releases of some of their games.

My PSP gets way more playtime than my Vita, and I only play PSP2 and MH games on it.
"We are truly sorry." - Francois Lapikas about DE:HR's boss fights.
4 years ago#13
Play PSP2 and MH on your vita...

Really enjoyable
4 years ago#14
Morudetho posted...
Play PSP2 [...] on your vita...

Oh how I wish I could. ;.;
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