Okay 6-10 is RIDICULOUS!

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4 years ago#31
silverwing890 posted...
windmastery posted...
Problem is, there is a REALLY HIGH chance that more than one member will die during it's jumping attack...
But, I'll just have to jump higher to avoid this, right?

Do you want me to help ya out on this one? I've always thought he was easy, but...

PSN: Aminru, IGN: Aliasse

Oh ya, since you clearly hate him, let's see how much more hate you have for him when you face him again in 9-7 XD

Really? Thx!!
I'll add you, but I can't play right now since I'm going out in a bit...

I see...
I've dodged this once by dashing away, but then it still hits me the other time..
Let the wind be your guide...
PSN: aeroga93
4 years ago#32
The one where he jumps up, dive bombs, and creates shockwaves?

Were you somewhere near the point of impact? When he jumps up, that's pretty much queue to scatter from the middle of the map. Or, when he jumped, he hit you with that frozen ailment? That did happen quite a few times in 9-7, so I was rather surprised then, but staying away from the center, where the point of impact is, allowed my party to escape from his dive bomb attack easily.

The duo tornado is what I can't dodge. Then again, if I get hit by 1 of them, chances are I won't get hit by both (because I'll let myself fall to the ground gracefully, and not recover mid-flight). And the damage from the tornado isn't something an hp pot can't fix.
4 years ago#33
It's much easier to solo him. He's likely to kill you at least one. And with three people dieing one...
They call me Fidget.
4 years ago#34
The shockwave one. The frozen ailments doesn't cause that high damage so it's all good. The shockwave one has potentially high enough damage to kill me in one blow, at least in multiplayer...

Now really looking forward to fight the duo... The hraevfallfk isn't really challanging at all >.<

I guess I'm Gonna try soloing it first, but gonna cry for help if it keeps beating me up
Let the wind be your guide...
PSN: aeroga93
4 years ago#35
Died twice but finally beat him Solo!
Thx for the tips you guys~ :)

Tried fighting him again and just died once!
Wohooo XD
Let the wind be your guide...
PSN: aeroga93
4 years ago#36
I actually had no problem with this quest with a party of four... Now, dealing with him in the extra quests is a huge PAIN, that I must've failed 30+ times until finally I managed to get a great party and leveled myself up quite a bit and we destroyed him first try.
4 years ago#37
Lol nice congrats! What class did you use?
PSN: LastExile2
4 years ago#38
Ultimate_Broly posted...
Lol nice congrats! What class did you use?

As usual, mage, my fav class <3
Let the wind be your guide...
PSN: aeroga93
4 years ago#39
Hrungnir is soooo damn easy compared to grendel, just destroy the shoulders then the face.
i killed it b4 the time even ran out
The wheel of fate is turning
4 years ago#40
Haha. I'm probly gonna start using mage too when i help out my friend when i give him his copy because i got a staff that has splash potion and attack up 3. Figured i need the healing trophy and it helps him so why not lol. Haven't used a mage yet so idk what its like.
PSN: LastExile2
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