twin strike any good?

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4 years ago#1
1. Is this any good for assassins?
2. What's the proc rate on it?
3. Should I just stick with double atk?
4. Should I use both?
5. Can it be upgraded?
4 years ago#2
I stack a Twin Strike on top of double attack lvl 2 and it def procs way more with just double attack. I'm thinking later on a double attack lvl 5 might suffice.
4 years ago#3
how many double attacks can you stack?
4 years ago#4
I'm going by this guide and it says Twin Strike does not "overlap" with double attack. So I may have been wrong in thinking the damage and percentages stack on top of eachother. It might not even be good to have them both if that's the case.

But it says you can only have a max of 25% probability rate for double attack. A lvl 5 double attack is already 25% proc rate.
4 years ago#5
sweet thx for the info
4 years ago#6
well,for now version no...
twin strike : 50% with 50%damage
Double Attack lv5 :25% with 100% damage

for exp:you hit 1000, twin strike give you 1500 while double attack give you 2000
so just stick with double attack ~ <3

anyways Double attack lv5 is the max. and it does not stack ~
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  3. twin strike any good?

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