Heavenly Eyes

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4 years ago#1
Are Heavenly Eyes given out as quest rewards?

It's a pain to break Loki's wings even with Snatcher.

So I was thinking about just using Luck Up, and killing him.
4 years ago#2
Well I got the "Loki Sitting Down" card instead...

I guess that'll make up for the lack of Heavenly Eyes.
4 years ago#3
I'm looking for it too but after breaking one of his eye just gave me "Mind Eye" T_T
4 years ago#4
Actually the extra quest "The Twilight Phantom" has a higher drop rate from what I've seen.

I just break a wing, and if I don't get a Heavenly Eye, I just abandon quest. Got all 8 of mine in about 30 mins
4 years ago#5
Really tough for me to farm those eyes.... can i still able to hit those eyes behind the wings or i need to hit directly in-front his eye?? Thanks for the information.
4 years ago#6
Yeah you can break em from behind the wing.

But less damage.

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