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4 years ago#1
Hello guys, i wish to share this piece of information after studying my farming trend. I arrived at a conclusion and i am going to explain to you in 3 steps on how to obtain rare weapons efficiently.

Here are the 3 steps:

- Look out for signs of boss drops. What i meant is that boss will usually drops two weapons regardless of luck up equipped or not. Dropping two weapons constantly is a good sign. However, if you find that the the drop is only 1 weapon continuously for 3~4 times, please reboot the game. (Trust me it happens because sometime there is a lousy draw and bosses drop 1 weapons constantly)

- I have noticed that rare weapons drop between 10~15 times of run on average, hence do a save at around 9~10th run.

- Lastly, if you found the rare weapon, REBOOT the game if the skills are not what you are looking for. Do not save the game unless you really wanted the weapon because it might mess up the drop queue.

Lol, i wish someone can try it and give me feedback. This method works around 60% of the time and can save you countless hours of farming. So good luck folks...
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4 years ago#2
thanks for the info...i just got my first traitor with suck ability yesterday ...haa..i will try it tonight .cheers
4 years ago#3
I love when I do Twilight Phantom and the bastard gives me one Seedling as a drop.

Best feeling in the world.
4 years ago#4

edit: its also good to note that the game automatically saves each time you complete a stage therefore to not save, shut down the program if you get a drop with undesired results
4 years ago#5
I can't edit my post lol. Guys to be safe, please do a save between 6~8th run. Saving at 9 or 10th run may be dangerous because the rare weapons might drop early if you are lucky.
PSN ID: angmoduriankhan
4 years ago#6

Son of a...

If this is true this can explain why there are times when Bronzed Grendel gives me jack ****. When I say this, I'm serious. There are times when he doesn't drop ANYTHING. Not even a goddamn Bristle.

I will try this method out and see what happens.
4 years ago#7
will definitely try this ^^
4 years ago#8
so does deleting rare weapons that are crap or extracting them fix the drop rate?
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4 years ago#9
Semi45a posted...
so does deleting rare weapons that are crap or extracting them fix the drop rate?

No this is not the logic behind my post. What i meant is getting rid of the rare weapon with bad skills by rebooting because i observed that once a rare weapon drops, another drop will be much more harsh (~20 runs). Because you have made a save at the 9th run (example), the next rare weapon drop will be within 5~10 runs once you reboot the game & reload the save. In this way, you can repeatedly farm for the desired rare weapon at a faster rate. Do you get it now?
PSN ID: angmoduriankhan
4 years ago#10
Is this what Pokemon fans call abusing the RNG? O.o

So then, by your first tip's logic, it wouldn't matter if people used Luck Up to farm for, say, Traitor? Because saying Luck Up doesn't affect weapon drop rate is a huge deal, especially coming from someone who is very credible.
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