Rare weapon list and quest??

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can someone tell me the known rare weapons for each weapon type? And if possible the quests where they can be obtained. Much appreciated if answered :)
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Here are some I found from searching the board

Light epsilon (two in the light of dusk)
Traitor (crushing blow)
Sun sword (vanir treasure)
Staff of distraction (twilight phantom)
Golden mace (singing in the arrow rain)
Minstrel bow (pattern in the sand)
khaz dryer (surging waves)

Search for epic as well as rare, there are other topics with info/theories
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Traitor - Crushing Blow
Sun Sword - Vanir's Treasure
Various Jur - any 100 Chief Giant Quest

Muramasa - Tyrannical Think Tank
Cresent Scythe - Falling Star and Chance Encounter
Pole Axe - any 100 Chief Giant Quest

Blood Axe - Orchis Stars
Light Epsilon - Two in Light of Dusk
Morning star - any 100 Chief Giant Quest

Khaz Dryer - Surging Waves
Minstrel Bow - Pattern in the Sand
Horn Bow - any 100 Chief Giant Quest

Golden Mace - Singin 'in the Arrow rain
Wrench - Glitter of Temptation
Sword Mace - any 100 Chief Giant Quest

Bone Staff - Oddity Mine Eyes Beheld
Staff of Distraction - Twilight Phantom
Arc Wand - any 100 Chief Giant Quest
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thanks for answering guys :D imma try farming it now!
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