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3 years ago#21
Woe too long for me I just skip to other quest and it went well, something like Crushing blow-->Sand, Heat and Giant-->9-8-->Crushing Blow and this is my results
3 years ago#22
Blanzer posted...
Dashineseboi posted...
I don't think im doing anything wrong =/..my runs are 1:45 and I been farming since yesterday till now

1:45?!?! assassin im assuming but thats too fast. are you doing it in the tavern or offline? you didnt answer. Epics only drop in tavern. Not offline.

False. You can get epics offline as fast as you can get them in the tavern. I know this because I got 2 L.E hammers offline and Traitor also a min bow...
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3 years ago#23
Just a quick question guys, which quest is this? Bronzed Grendel? Or what chapter?
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