100 giant quests

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4 years ago#1
can anyone kindly give me a hand with those, i manage to kill only 60-80 giants till time over my psn is Willson_hunt and i have a room called "100 giants help any help will be welcomed
4 years ago#2
if no one helps I'll be on tonight trying to get this done so i can help

I can do hill and frost, but the flame giants kick my ass
4 years ago#3
been trying for more than 3 hours and now i get 80-90 killed before time ends
4 years ago#4
If you still need help I will help you out.

You'll just have to make a room and give it a pssword, since my internet likes to crap with the Vita
4 years ago#5
Doing this now
Any one interested?
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4 years ago#6
finally!!! now to the 12 chiefs
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