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4 years ago#1
Can anyone confirm where and how they got a "Phlogopite"? I need it to upgrade my Muramasa to +8. I've been farming Extra Quest: 10-10, Idle Rhapasody: Flame Dance countless time. And would using Lucky Up help? Or have a group of people equipped with Luck Up online?

4 years ago#2
I got 2 of mine from offline mode. Don't equip Luck Up.
4 years ago#3
But where in offline did you get it? Which quest?
4 years ago#4
I got them from 10-10 Flame Dance. Regular quests, no tavern.
4 years ago#5
Thank you. =) How many runs did it take you to get those 2 though?
4 years ago#6
Umm..people are going to probably hate me, but it only took me three runs lol

Farming Emery is a different story in my case however.
4 years ago#7
near me any muramasa please >_> ive been farming for that for like a 100 runs and nothing -__- cmon

PSN: Lezarth87
4 years ago#8
Did you get Phlogopite as a quest reward or did a monster drop it?
4 years ago#9
Quest reward.
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