any farming tips?

#1sandmangaaraPosted 12/4/2012 11:53:59 PM
I am currently looking for a better weapon. I was a noob and got rid of my old weapon that had some attack on it, but had lower weapon damage when I found another sword, but it has stats that arent that great. I am rank 9 right now just finished chapter 8, so i can do some of 9. Any tips on where I should go to get a better weapon? Do bosses drop better quality weapons? or can I farm regular mobs/boxes in hopes for a better item? Any help is appreciated.

Also If anyone has a link to the epic weapons and where they drop, it would be appreciated. I believe they are rank 10 only, just want to bookmark for future reference :)

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#2damn_you_darioPosted 12/5/2012 12:04:27 AM
Muramasa - The Tyrannical Think Tank
Crescent Scythe - Falling Stars and Chance Encounters
Golden Mace - Singin' in the Arrow Rain
Staff of Distraction - Twlight Phantom
Bone Staff - The Oddity Mine Eyes Beheld
Minstrel's Bow - Sand, Heats, and Giants
Khaz Dryer - Surging Waves
Traitor - Crushing Blow
Sun Sword - Vanir's Treasure
Light Epsilon - Two in the Light of Dusk
Blood Axe - Orchish Stars

Refer to angmodurian's Breakthrough in Epic Weapon Farming for the optimal farming method, it's still on the first page on this forum
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ok awesome, thank you for the info :)
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Wrench - Glitter of Temptation
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I didn't mention that because it's the most useless Epic in the game. It really is =l
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#6LandryllPosted 12/5/2012 9:14:39 PM
minstrel bow is from pattern in the sand and not sand heat and giants.
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Where can I get a daeg faurbauti with 5 double and 5 attack?
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Thanks Landryll, I forgot where I got mine. But yeah it's the bird, thanks for the correction
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Lol the Wrench is definitely not trash as it has one of the highest amounts of attack when it comes to the maces, along w/ a crit5 skill if lucky. Very useful if building a solo-cleric build which will need to be based of attack power rather than using the golden mace for that extreme support build. If anything, its certainly more useful than Khaz Dryer, Bone Staff, or any of the t1 Epics aside from poleaxe & jur in terms of damage. Now, its unique skills are straight up boo boo, but its definitely useful.
#10damn_you_darioPosted 12/7/2012 3:31:12 PM(edited)
Bone Staff's Herculean Activity is much better compared to what Staff of Distraction has to offer. Staff of Distraction is merely Staff Aptitude and Special Work in the same skill, I would say Bone Staff is the more useful of the two.
Also base stats on weapons is not really that big of a deal, Wrench is precisely trash because the special skills it has does nothing whatsoever. To begin with damage multipliers wins over base stats every time. Crit Attack lvl.5? Are you joking? Such a skill is so common that you can refine Lagu Sharp Edges if you have the patience. Clerics are what they are, Clerics, so the Golden Mace is the more useful of the two Maces.
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