Merry Christmas everybody sharing Deag Farbauti+10 atk5/Da5 for 24 hrs

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Rudebwoy_X posted...
sorry for re-posting... i didn't receive the daeg farbauti+10. can you near it to me, thank you

Hi maybe you could refer to the first post on page 5 by Omega about how to use near and added you guys above Merry Christmas!
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PSN ID is Giga_Gaia

Please add me, Merry christmas and happy holidays everyone.
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porkiepork posted...
IceBreak108 posted...
porkiepork posted...
Maybe it's your privacy settings maybe you could check out page 5 cos some people are also having the same problems but they received it after they change their settings and reply if you've got it merry Christmas!

I think it might gone after 12 hours and needs to be re-uploaded? Not showing up for me either at the moment and I have other friends cards available. Still, this a very cool thing your doing.

Actually I think it lasts for a few days cos many people are still saying they received it but for you and some people that have problems I'll reupload it now and hopefully you guys be able to receive it merry Christmas.

Figured it out. I had "only download game goods for games I played" selected and you play a different version of the game. After unchecking that it worked like a charm. Got and deleted you to save you the trouble :)

Thanks much and have a Merry Christmas.
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Says this game good is no longer available sadly.
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Blestsol posted...
Says this game good is no longer available sadly.

Ok I'll reupload it refresh your near and added you guys on top let me know by posting here if you've received it and Merry Christmas.
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My PSN is NyczLazyAzn if you're still sharing :o
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#117hotgamerPosted 12/24/2012 8:06:52 AM
It worked for me too. Merry Christmas.

Like someone said, uncheck the box saying only get goods for games you have played and it will work.
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Just got mine, very nice weapon. This should help me out greatly. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas.
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Hi Porkie,

Merry Xmas to you.
Please kindly near me, hope still on time for a surprise present.

PSN: SongShaoZ
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Hi porkiepork

Merry Christmas to you and have a nice day :)
Kindly add me as friend

PSN: DeroN84