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4 years ago#1
I am on the process of farming epic. Could you guys give me a list on what skills every epic needs to have to be good or to be the best ones?
4 years ago#2
Forgot to add: the epics I mean are the one that you don't get from the 100 Giant Chiefs
4 years ago#3

go to this thread.

PSN: Lastcrysis
4 years ago#4
actually here. this is not my work.

damn_you_dario gets credit for this!!

-Brandish : Adds 45% to critical hit rate but lowers HP
-Serial Attacks : You knows this already =p

Crescent Scythe
-Splash Attack : If you press the O button with the right timing during a combo, you will flash white, during this animation your attack produces AoE shockwaves for extra hits and damage.
-Harvester : Increases your critical hit rate, not sure by how much. But no penalties like Brandish.

Khaz Dryer
-Miasma Arrow : It's a combination of Multi Shot and Sweet Attack Card. So it does Bind and Deadly Poison.
-Impulse : Increases tension gain and base tension lvl

Light Epsilon
-Beauty's Embrace : Greatly increases your HP and Defense. It adds 2000 HP and 50 Defense
-Wargod Blessing : Complete immunity to minor stagger and sp recycle x3 effect

Blood Axe
-Drill Revolution : Makes it so that you can cancel any attack action you're doing on the ground by dashing. Really usefull since Hammersmiths are always so slow and open.
-Drill Termination : Increases damage for all your combo moves.

Sun Sword
-Sun God's Blessing : Increases recovery rate for HP, AP, and SP
-Overload : Makes it so that you don't lose HP during DS mode, also increases damage during DS mode, but decreases max HP

-Step Optimization : Greatly reduces AP needed for step, speeds up the recovery period between step, landing recovery is decreased so you can move faster
-Air Step Optimization : Greatly reduces AP needed for air step, speeds up the recovery period between air step, landing recovery is decreased.

Staff of Distraction
-Magic Force : Increases SP gain and increases all staff damage
-Cast Change lvl. 3 : Increases the range of Jupitel Thunder and increases the damage of the combo string that leads to Jupitel Thunder

Bone Staff
-Physical Prowess : Increases HP and AP by 1000
-Herculean Activity : Gives complete immunity to stagger and increases attack by 50

Golden Mace
-Force of Vanguard : Increases max HP. When guarding defense and knockback resistance is increased. Increases the different types of attack you can guard against. The power of counter is increased
-Heart of Love : Greatly speeds up a Mace's charge and increases the performance of sanctuary greatly

-Gorin! : Adds Bind to your weapon
-Gogorin! : Greatly increases your stun power, but lowers your overall damage (It makes it so you can stun like crazy, only somewhat useful in multiplayer but otherwise useless)

PSN: Lastcrysis
4 years ago#5
What does Serial Attack do?
4 years ago#6
it like double attack but does 50%Damage instead of 100%
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