Undecided if I should buy this..

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  3. Undecided if I should buy this..
2 years ago#1
I love Monster Hunter.. I love the original Ragnarok Online..

I've read the IGN review though and it makes me hesitant to get this game..

My main question here is gameplay.. How exactly do you control your character? To what extent can you actually customize your character?

I know IGN isn't the most reliable of reviewers.. but I'm closer to casual than to hardcore, and I'm wondering if this is a game which will be money wellspent for me..
2 years ago#2
The movements are basic like any other game. However, the basic attack button is on triangle... yea... triangle... You can't change it.

Customization is fairly lacking compared to other games but hey, it's a frigging vita game, what were you expecting? Computer MMORPG level customization?
2 years ago#3
by customize, i dont mean appearance...

are there different viable builds for each class??

Since unlike monster hunter where you can change your weapon anytime, Isn't class restricted to what you chose on creation?

and regarding classes, how different do the classes play from each other?
2 years ago#4
Classes are not restricted, you can change anytime after Ch.2 iirc
For builds there's only 1 that dominates other builds, and that's DS Builds
The Scarlet King
2 years ago#5
I don't see how being on vita would mean you can't have awesome customization... In fact PSO2 is on vita now as a beta.

Anyway on topic, aesthetically the customization for RO is meh. Gameplay wise the customization comes in the form of cards with different skills and attributes that you put on your clothes, such as attack, critical, improved knockback, improved healing, ect...

The classes play different from each other. LOL Don't know what else to say about them. Some are better for stunning enemies and causing area of effect damage, and some are better for chipping damage and dodging.

The different moves you can do require you to do easy to remember combos. Not everybody is a fan of that but I personally like it since it forces me to set up a move rather than just spamming the strongest move over and over again.

Also Fafnir is a jerk, don't talk to him.
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(edited by Skeif13)
2 years ago#6
Builds are defined by skills. Your weapon can hold 2 skills and can equip up to 8 cards that can also hold 2 skills.

That's a total of 18 skills to customize your "build" the best build is DS because in a game about farming, you want to do the most amount of damage possible. The Mage and Cleric are the only two classes AFAIK that have viable non - DS builds. They are gimmicks and don't maximize damage.
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  3. Undecided if I should buy this..

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