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The Doubles matches thread

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4 years ago#1
*** Do not be afraid to necro bump this thread at any time. I won't be :P ***

Alright, so, Doubles is the best thing about Mario Tennis. I believe it was the mode that helped balance everything out and even made the Special Defense and Attack Specials manageable since you could always count on a good teammate to back you up. I played them for years with many friends at work in Mario Power Tennis and it never got tiring, so of course when MTO was announced, I was hyped for this. As you know, however, we've been giving a gigantic slap in the face by Camelot by only allowing friends to play.

This thread is an attempt to facilitate online Doubles by making it a place where you can post your interest in Doubles at any time and hope others follow suit. I would also propose we make this an opportunity to add ourselves to our IM contact lists to allow easier communication. My method might not be optimal but we can work it out if it catches on.

So you want to play or want to join someone's game, here's the format:

- Your 3DS Name
- 3DS Friend Code
- Region
- (Optional) How long you'll wait and refresh the page before giving up.
- (Optional) Whether you wish to share MSN or whatever addresses through PM in order to organize future matches easier.
- (Optional) Any special request or notes, such as rules, courts or wanting to be paired with a specific friend ( I think the 1st and last players in the room are going to be teamed? )


So, here goes nothing, I'm available to host right now. I'll wait before I get all players before hosting, because, well, I can't add Friends while I'm hosting. I added like 30 of you guys in the last week.

- Dai
- 5241-2461-7940
- Waiting for about half an hour.
- PM me if you want to exchange MSN addresses.
- No special request. Will probably be Extended rules on default court.
4 years ago#2
- 0473-7770-9268
- Forever. ('bout 30 minutes)

Still haven't done a single doubles match
3DS FC: 0473-7770-9268
4 years ago#3
Should have you already even though i don't see you on there :P
Let's see if we can get two more!
4 years ago#4
Eh. Why not?

-(FC in sig)
-I would like the ice court if you could. It pairs well with my mii's stats. :P
3DS friend code: 3523-2564-9981
4 years ago#5
Oops. Sorry. I forgot my region. I'm in the USA. :P
3DS friend code: 3523-2564-9981
4 years ago#6
Almost there :D
I'll host as soon as, and if, a 3rd player pops up.
4 years ago#7
Waiting for another 15 minutes.
4 years ago#8
- Badham
- 5155-2901-3767
- Europe
- 2 hours
-I don't mind the rules
4 years ago#9
I assume you're posting for matches with fellow Europeans.
I believe the game won't let USA and Europe play together.
4 years ago#10
Yeah, sorry about that. I'm just posting here in case any other Europeans see. It's a real shame you can't play with other regions. :( Good luck finding your 4th US player
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